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1 Which country experimented cloud seeding first? According to Ohio History Central, the first successful case of cloud seeding occurred in 1923.  at McCook Field in Dayton, Ohio, thanks to Professor W.D. [1]  
the UAE was used to drop salt to encourage precipitation, another form of cloud seeding.   [2]
Bancroft from Cornell University flew into clouds with a plane and "used various chemical compounds to cause the precipitation."  [3]
2 What factors limit the success of cloud seeding?    Scale, Location and Time
3 What is the scale factor of cloud seeding? The volume of the system that is being seeded compared to the volume of seeding material being dispersed
4 How wide are cloud systems?   From several hundred metres to tens of kilometres
5 How many cubic meters of cloud does the cloud volume represent?    125 million to 500 billion
6 What is the theoretical argument for cloud seeding?    Seeding produces a catalytic effect that propagates and increases the impact by several orders of magnitude
7 What is the open question of cloud seeding?    Are such catalytic processes sufficient to accelerate cloud processes beyond their natural rate
8 What is like the cloud formation  ? Cloud droplets and ice crystals form, grow and precipitate through complex processes
9 What are some examples of complex processes related to cloud formation?    An air mass is cooled until its relative humidity reaches and exceeds 100%
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10 What is the absolute humidity of the cloud?    100%
11 When is rain precipitation suppressed? Precipitation is suppressed under conditions of too many cloud condensation nuclei under polluted conditions or when there are too few CCN
12 When are clouds formed?    Under conditions of too many or too few CCN
13 What are the factors that you can use to counter clouds?    Location and time
14 What are the plans across the world related to cloud seeding technology? Plans are reportedly in place to use the cloud seeding technology in a directed manner that will see more rainfall over the UAE's 130 dams.[4]
Dubai is using drones that fly into clouds where they then discharge electricity to kickstart rain, which reduces temperatures and provides much-needed water resources. [5]
the United Arab Emirates is turning to technology to turn the tide on the searing heat.   [6]
15 What does the cloud seeding technology do? Cloud seeding doesn't "create" rain in the literal sense, it encourages water droplets to merge over a specific region that would otherwise condense somewhere else, meaning that if it rains over Dubai, there will be less rain in neighboring areas. [7]
Change the rate or magnitude of complex processes by which cloud droplets and ice crystals form, grow and precipitate
Potentially mitigate climate change
Enhances the process by adding particles that can stimulate and accelerate the condensation process [8]
16 What happens if the seed is released too soon?    The new CCN will be competing with already activated cloud particles that are removing the water vapour needed to activate the new CCN
17 What are the experimental tests around the world related to rain drops? The UAE is also looking at methods for reusing the rain that drops to the ground, rather than letting it evaporate back into the dry atmosphere in Dubai. [9]
18 What is the controversy about cloud seeding? One controversial aspect of cloud seeding is the fact that it takes rain away from other regions.[10]
Potential adverse effect
19 Which regions are first movers in experimenting cloud seeding technology? THe Middle East where large areas could become uninhabitable. [11]
20 How much did the UAE invest to reduce temperatures and provides much-needed water resources with drones? $15 million. [12]
21 Who regulates climate monitoring in the US? In the USA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration regulates climate monitoring projects under the authority of Public Law 205 of the 92nd Congress.[13]
22 Is weather modification legal? Weather modification in warfare has been banned by the U.S. under the Environmental Modification Convention. [[14]]
23 Which are some of the weather events that can be manipulated? Blizzards, monsoons, and other weather extremes are also potential candidates for manipulation.  [[15]]
24 Which are the international attempts to mitigate the misuse of weather engineering? The ENMOD Convention , agreed in 1977 under the auspices of the United Nations, prohibits signatory states from deliberately damaging the environment in a conflict or using such damage to the environment as a military advantage or weapon.  [[16]]
In 1975, the US and Canada agreed under the auspices of the United Nations to exchange information on activities related to climate manipulation.[[17]]
25 Which is one example where weather engineering was used during a war? During the Vietnam War, the US used weather engineering as a weapon.  [[18]]
Operation Popeye aimed to hinder Vietnamese troops by making it rain extra, especially during monsoon.   [[19]]
26 Which are the countries who ratifeied the ENMOD convention? As of June 2015, the convention had been ratified by 77 states, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA. [[20]

27 What are typical misuses of weather engineering? To prevent extreme weather and natural phenomena such as hurricanes or tornadoes; to produce weather for the benefit of humans, such as rainfall in a drought area; and to provoke a natural disaster against an enemy or rival for tactical, military and economic warfare strategies .[[21]]
28 What did the Space Preservation Act propose?   Preserve the peaceful and cooperative uses of space for the benefit of all mankind .[[22]]
29 What was the Cloudbuster?    a system to extract DOR from the atmosphere developed by Wilhelm Reich, it was also said to create rain and snow.[23]
30 What is the cloud chamber   ? A three-dimensional experimental environment [24]
31 Who is innovating the approach to cloud seeding? According to Dr. Zou cloud-seeding materials used today have been around for many decades. In her project founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the surface of the material was changed to make it more reactive so it can work at a lower and wider relative humidity. A porous nanocomposite of 3D reduced graphite oxide and silica dioxide nanoparticles has been fabricated. This material can initiate ice nucleation followed by rapid growth starting from a temperature of minus 80 degrees. [25]
32 What is the cloud seeding practice? Cloud seeding practice is to release artificial seeding materials as nuclei to initiate the water vapor in the cloud to condense into droplets and promote the formation of large droplets until they grow big enough to fall as rain. [26]
33 What is the cloud-seeding materials project by MIT about? Nanoengineering a shell core structured material that can be activated at much broader relative humidity conditions such as about 65%. [27]
34 What can be the application of the MIT cloud-seeding materials project? Different weather modification efforts, including agriculture or crop protection, hail, or storm suppression, and artificial snow making at the ski resort. [28]
35 What is the challenge with clouds when it comes to seeding? Identifying the suitable cloud for seeding. [29]
36 What is the MIT cloud-seeding materials patent filed for?      Porous graphite oxide, silica dioxide, nano compensated for cold cloud seeding. [30]
37 To what is due the global water shortage?   Rapid population growth and economic development around the world .[31]
38 What are the requirements of cloud seeding? What are the requirements of cloud seeding?[32]   
having the efficient seeding material for water droplet formation [33]
39 What are the requirements of cloud seeding?    the right air temperature, the right humidity, and a surface that attracts water and keeps it .[34]
40 What are some of the condensation nuclei?    Dust particles, volcano flash, or pollens [35]
41 What is the humidity of the cloud seeding material?    75%[36]
42 What happens to the water when the coated nanolayers are coated? Increase the local relative humidity of the crystals and increase the probability of forming water droplets [37]
43 What does ice nucleation do?    Grow rapidly at the expense of the water vapor in the cloud [38]
44 What was one of the challenges scientists faced when researching cloud seeding?   Lack of a simulation [39]