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1 Which countries have the highest share of animal-based food emissions? South America is the region with the largest share of animal-based food emissions, followed by south and south-east Asia and then China. emissions
2 Why did food-related emissions recently grow rapidly in China and India? Food-related emissions have grown rapidly in China and India as increasing wealth and cultural changes have led more younger people in the countries to adopt meat-based diets.   emissions
3 What is the share of emissions coming from meat and diary production? The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization has said about 14% of all emissions come from meat and diary production. emissions
4 What is the ratio beef/emissions production? A single kilo of beef, meanwhile, creates 70 Kg. of emissions.   emissions
5 How large is the greenhouse gases produced by food production? The entire system of food production, such as the use of farming machinery, spraying of fertilizer and transportation of products, causes 17.3bn metric tonnes of greenhouse gases a year.emissions
6 What is the share of heating gases attributed to food production? Global production of food is responsible for one third of all planet-heating gases.emissions
7 What is the difference in emissions between meat and plant production?    The use of animals for meat causing twice the pollution of producing plant-based foods.[1]
29% emissions come from the cultivation of plant-based foods.emissions
to produce 1kg of wheat, 2.5kg of greenhouse gases are emitted. A single kilo of beef, meanwhile, creates 70kg of emissions. emissions
8 What is the majority of the world's cropland used for? To feed livestock .emissions
9 Which kind of livestock is more responsible than others for food production emissions? The use of cows, pigs and other animals for food, as well as livestock feed, is responsible for 57% of all food production emissions
10 What is the ratio of human beings vs chickens? Three chickens every human being