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1 What do plants represent to life on Earth? Plants are the structural and ecological foundation of virtually all terrestrial ecosystems and provide fundamental support for life on Earth.[[1]]
2 Who is responsible for the Global Tree Assessment? The Global Tree Assessment is coordinated by Botanic Gardens Conservation International and the IUCN/SSC Global Tree Specialist Group.[[2]]
3 Why are small-ranged plant species more keen to global extinction? Small-ranged species have long been understood to be particularly susceptible to global extinction, because impacts are more likely to affect their entire range.  [[3]]
4 How much of plant species are not mapped? About half of the world’s plant species lack detailed distribution data.[[4]]
5 What is an example of habitat loss that is bringing plant species to exinction? Habitat loss, driven by agricultural land conversion, has restricted the Madagascar banana to just three individuals in the wild.  [[5]]
6 Which region is the home to most of plants threatened with extinction? Assessment of a sample of thousands of species representing the taxonomic and geographic breadth of global plant diversity showed that one in five are threatened with extinction, most of them in the tropics.[[6]]
7 What are the major causes of plants extinction? Habitat destruction and land- use changes, mainly urbanisation and agriculture-related, are the major causes reported for plant extinctions.[[7]]
8 What is climate change expected impact on Arabica coffee? 29) Climate change is projected to sharply reduce the suitable habitat for indigenous Arabica coffee.   [[8]]
9 Is climate change the major cause of plant extinction? Correct Sentence: The threat to plants presented by climate change is, as yet, scarcely detectable on the Red List, with just 4% of assessments citing climate change or severe weather. [[9]]
10 What is the state of the art of plant documentation? The number of documented plant extinctions is twice as many as for mammals, birds and amphibians combined.[[10]]
11 How many unique tree species exist? 34) In 2017, GlobalTreeSearch – a checklist of 60,000 unique tree species and their distribution – was completed.[[11]]
12 Does a collection of spores exist? Spores were collected and cultured in vitro at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, where a living collection is maintained .[[12]]
13 What is the impact on nature of the loss of rare species? The loss of relatively rare species, even at the local scale, results in biotic homogenisatio. Indeed, range size is the strongest predictor of extinction risk in plants, followed by measures of human impact.   [[13]]
14 What is the risk of miscalculation on plant species? Plant species may be prominent in the landscape but no longer regenerating and therefore functionally extinct, so they are erroneously omitted from counts of extinct plants. Half of plant extinctions reported to have occurred since 1750 have been subsequently refuted.[[14]]
15 How fast are plant extinction happening? Reseach shows that plant extinctions are occurring up to 500 times faster than in pre-industrial times.[[15]]
16 What is the broad range of techniques to preserve species outside their natural habitat?     Ex situ conservation, which preserves species outside their natural habitat, provides us with options to prevent plant extinctions and to restore wild populations.   [[16]]
17 What is the average range of global Anthropocene extinctions?     51[[17]]
18 What is the estimated number of plant species?     Between 340,000 to 390,000 44, 45. [[18]]
19 What is the most often identified threat to plants?     Agriculture. [[19]]
20 What is the name of the smallest water lily?     Nymphaea thermarum. [[20]]
21 How many plant species are threatened with extinction?     One in five. [[21]]
22 How many plant species continue to be described as new to science each year?     More than 2,000 [[22]]
23 How many plant species lack detailed distribution data?     About half [[23]]
24 What is the most challenging aspect of plant extinctions?   Documenting actual plant extinctions is more challenging than assessing extinction risk.[[24]]
25 How many plant extinctions have been documented in the last 50 years?    
26 What are some examples of plant extinctions?   Tropical plants that are naturally rare 52 with small populations, and plants that are inconspicuous or present only as seeds in the soil.[[25]]
27 What is the definition of Extinct in the wild?   Extinct in the Wild is a plant when exists only in cultivation.[[26]]
28 What are some of the techniques used to preserve species outside of their natural habitat?     Seed banking and cryopreservation.[[27]]
29 What is the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership ?   Extensive seed collecting programmes in more than 100 countries and territories to provide this interim protection of species.[[28]]