Why QuTii exists

Truth is becoming a commodity that is shaped and traded by those with enough money or a vested interest in making the truth in their image. QuTii is a library of verified truth that prevents the corruption of truth and the dissemination of falsehood by block chaining the truth and by making not only the truth but also its source public and therefore immune to corruption or contradiction. We cannot let the truth be bought and sold, hidden, or manipulated. This is one of the greatest threats that our information age presents. Thankfully our age also provides the solution. Truth must be kept open, accessible, traceable, and free of corruption, which is why QuTii exists. In the coming fight for our environmental future, truth will be a major weapon used by both sides. However only one truth will be verified, proven and free of corruption, and this truth must be open to all. It will be a key weapon in saving our planet. This truth will be found at QuTii, it will be easily accessible for all.

About QuTii

  • QuTii is an open, non-profit library of verified answers, truths and the questions that delivered them.
  • The QuTii platform is a TiiQu initiative using the open-source software of MediaWiki Foundation.
  • QuTii is pending registration as a Charitable Foundation with the Charity Commission of England and Wales.
  • Find more [Board of Trustees] [About TiiQu]


About PDF2Q&A

  • PDF2Q&A is a web-based Converter developed by TiiQu with the double aim to facilitate the democratization of knowledge and to feed the QuTii library. The system allows ingestion of 10,000-word research and the output of 100 Q&As.
  • Q&As generated with PDF2Q&A can be downloaded.
  • Everyone can apply to be a partner and benefit from PDF2Q&A free of charge.
  • When Partners contribute text directly to PDF2Q&A, they thereby license it to the public for reuse under the CC BY-SA license and GFDL (unversioned, with no invariant sections, front-cover texts, or back-cover texts).
  • Partners who do not want to contribute Q&As for reuse, can apply as early users of the paid subscription allowing for deletion of documents and Q&As after download.

Validation of content

  • How it works

When a question and answer is created, this is added to an open page. When multiple answers are added,a block chained validation stamp is attributed to the validated Q&A. Top Contributors are invited to participate in the validation process on the TiiQu mobile App which is designed to measure the level of agreement on accuracy and relevancy of Q&As.

  • Why a block-chained timestamp?

As on-chain Data is unchangeable, the timestamp validation timestamp irrefutably indicates how much a text is validated as true at a given time and who is the legitimate source. In this way decision-makers can rely on multi-parties validation of truth and eventually observe how the truth on a topic evolved.

  • What is in for contributors and validators

The "Expert Dashboard" of the Mobile Application allows monetization of one's knowledge. Only expert-level members can access. Assessment requires benchmarking one's knowledge against the dynamic Q&A pool.


QuTii is now available to anyone willing to contribute. Implementation is constantly ongoing. For announcements about the launch of new implementations, milestones and enrolment campaigns, check the Community Portal. You can learn about the high-level roadmap of QuTii here [[1]]

How to contribute

  • The platform is currently under development, it is meant to be open to everyone. Every user can add questions or answer questions. 
  • QuTii facilitates NGOs, Research hubs, Independent Researchers an AI-driven conversion service that helps transform research into Q&A. Legitimate research owners can update and modify such questions and answers. Authors and link to the original source are duly added to each q&a.
  • Everyone can support QuTii donating as little as $1.00.A "Donate Button" will be published at completion of the Charity registration process.

What about my privacy?

The underlying technology of QuTii is the open-source MediaWiki. By setting up an account and registering you can create content and make your contribution traceable and your research outputs, knowledge, innovation or experience on specific topics clearly recognizable without your internet protocol (IP) address - the number that identifies a mobile phone or computer on a network - being visible to the public.Read more - [Privacy policy]

Licencing of content

To grow the commons of free knowledge and free culture, all users contributing are required to grant broad permissions to the general public to re-distribute and re-use their contributions freely, so long as that use is properly attributed and the same freedom to re-use and re-distribute is granted to any derivative works. In keeping with our goal of providing free information to the widest possible audience, we require that when necessary all submitted content be licensed so that it is freely reusable by anyone who cares to access it. Read more - [Copyrights Policy].

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