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What is SecurePoll

The SecurePoll is a special feature for polls, surveys and elections. It is used for Wikimedia Foundation Board elections and arbitration committee elections, and was used for the Wikimedia license transition vote among other things.

QuTii platform integrates this powerful feature to enhance research abilities and to empower co-creation and collaboration across boundaries, disciplines and status. At a later stage, the QuTii Community will use SecurePoll to participate in voting the QuTii Board of Trustees.

Who can create polls and surveys

Anyone with "PollsAdmin" credentials can create, share and analyse results of polls. Only"Top Contributors" can have PollsAdmin credentials. (Top contributor criteria)

What kind of polls and surveys

QuTii aims to enable to crystallize, share and protect the truth about the environment first and expand to additional domains where truth is at threat at a later stage. As such, the platform offers the SecurePoll feature with the aim to enhance co-creation. In particular:

  • International Agencies

It is hard to reconcile definitions of needs as perceived on one hand by technical advisers, high-level political representatives, and international advocacy groups, and on the other with the needs articulated by recipient groups, from national-level politicians and civil administrators to regional and community-level spokesmen. QuTii SecurePoll help to gather that evidence.

  • Scientists, technologists, Researchers

When applying quantitative methodologies collecting data from a sample population is key. QuTii pages can gather data through on-page polls and generate knowledge available to all.

  • Environmentalists

Environmental science is empowered by bringing together findings from different disciplines like ecology, biology, zoology, oceanography, atmospheric science, soil science, geology, chemistry in a single place. Knowledgeable stakeholders from different geographies can use QuTii pages to share and save the progress on environmental projects.

  • NGOs

During pandemics, the collaborative collection and spreading of reliable information in real-time is key to save lives. QuTii SecurePoll can help to gather such data across geographies.

  • Green Innovators

The green economy requires a permanent flow of ideas which demand a permanent collaboration involving multi-disciplinary groups of staleholders. QuTii SecurePoll brings them together to quickly answer and help to shape solutions. Research enabling the collection of Data that is valuable to a research, to innovators to validate their innovation thesis, to Professors to engage learners in.

Edit an existing poll

To edit a poll, you must be an admin of the particular poll. To edit a poll, go to Special:SecurePoll , check out the poll you want to edit and click "Edit".Some fields of polls cannot be edited after a poll has begun.

Create a list of participants or let the poll open

PollsAdmin can edit a list of voters/participants. As a PollsAdmin you can leave the survey open to all or create a list of eligible participants. To do so, go to Special:SecurePoll and click on "Voter Eligibility".

Surveys translation

As a PollsAdmin, you can translate your survey(s). go to Special:SecurePoll , go to your survey and click on "Translate" .

See a list of voters
  • If PollsAdmin do not disable transparency feature, anyone can see a list of participants to a poll.
  • PollsAdmins of a particular poll can access the list of participants, along with private information that may help to identify duplicate voters (e.g. IP addresses, user agent information, shared cookies).
  • PollsAdmins can see the logs to their poll from Special:SecurePoll. In case of duplicates, PollsAdmins can strike answers.
Tally a poll

From Special:SecurePoll AdminsPoll can click "Tally" to tally their survey If the poll has been tallied before, the results will be shown on the page. If not, or if you want to re-tally, there is a form for starting a new tally.

  • If the poll is unencrypted, click on the tally button.
  • If the poll is encrypted, AdminPolls may need to enter more information. For example, if they used GnuPG, enter the (private) decryption key and click on the tally button. If an encrypted poll has many votes, it may take a long time to tally. You may need to check back later for the results.

Attribution According to the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC BY-SA, version 3.0), the description of how SecurePoll works derive from Mediawiki and was adapted for the specific needs of QuTii, which expressly credits the Original Author. Nothing in this section nor in other sections of this page may implicitly or explicitly assert or imply any connection of QuTii with any sponsorship or endorsement by the Original Author.