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2 What is the optimism level across

African youth?

Optimism has declined, but it is a dip rather than a slide as African youth remain optimistic about their personal future and look ahead into an African century. Just under one-in-three youth think that the continent is headed in the right direction, and less than three-in-ten feel that their country is on the right track. Overall, only three-in-ten feel positively about the future of their country, while four-in-ten feel negatively and a quarter are uncertain.
3 What is the reason why the African youth has a barrier to connectivity? The high price of mobile data is a significant barrier
4 What is the percentage of African youth who cannot afford connectivity? A quarter of the continent cannot afford mobile data at all, the other quarter only can afford for less than 10 days per month.
5 Which is the social media considered the least trustworthy and the most used in Africa? Facebook
6 What do African youth trust more than social media and international sources? African youth are significantly more trusting of national news sources, indicating a healthy level of scepticism in news consumption.
7 Why the digital world is called “the Wild West of yore”? Because digital media is uncontrolled the traditional mainstream media is licenced by national authorities and they adhere to several sets of rules on the credibility of information.
8 What is the main concern in African youth about employment and what do they want to improve that? Research shows that African youth are concerned about how good career opportunities are lacking, and they want their governments to prioritise job creation.
9 Which is the only country in Africa which is the only one that wants to join the labour unions? Rwanda
10 Which are the countries who have a lot of influence as foreign powers on the African continent? China, United States, Portugal, United Kingdom
From the African youth perspective, which countries have a positive influence on them? European Union
United Kingdom
Unites States
12 What are the factors that make China a positive influencer on Africa? Chinese products are affordable
China provides training and skill development for local workers
China provides market for exporting African goods
China provides loans and economic support in Africa
China Creates employment opportunities in Africa
China develops African infrastructure
13 What do African youth think are the negative factors of China's influence in Africa? According to research, African youth find that Companies are exporting African resources without fair compensations
In Africa, Chinese workers are taking job opportunities away from locals
Chinese investments are a type of economic colonialism
Chinese Interfere in the domestic affairs of the African country
Chinese lack of respect for African values and traditions
Africa will have trouble repaying loans to China
Chinese tend to only employee Chinese workers
14 Why African youth are worried about the influence of foreign powers? Foreign influence in Africa only concentrates on issues about natural resources and their extraction and use.
15 What is the most important democratic value of African youth? Equality
16 Which categories of African youth are particularly discriminated? Women and ethnic minorities
17 What do African youth think about refugees? Two-thirds say their country has a moral obligation to help refugees from neighbouring countries, nevertheless, more than a quarter say that refugees have a negative impact on their country and should not be allowed to enter.
18 Which are the African countries that are in favour to help refugees and which are the countries that are not? Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya are the countries in favour

South Africa, DRC, Nigeria strongly opposed to hhelpingugees

19 In terms of human rights which is the one have less support in Africa? LGBTQ+ Rights
20 What is another concern that African youth is related to? They are concerned for the highest daily lives in terrorism and extremism
21 How do African youth feel about terrorism? More than 55% African youth are confident with government’s ability to deal with terrorism
22 What African youth think about government’s maintenance of stability and security? Only two in five are satisfied with their actions to maintain political stability.
23 Are the African people participating in protests for claiming their dissatisfaction? Only one in five African youth participated in a political demonstration in 2021.
24 How do African youth feel about their personal ambitions? There are discrepancies between those expecting improvements in the immediate future and those expecting to have a better life than their parents.
25 What is the biggest obstacle that African youth has to starting a business? The lack of access to capital.
26 What African youth think about entrepreneurship and cultures of innovation? A significant proportion of the African youth population thinks the government is not creating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.
27 What percentage of African youth considering emigrating in the next three years? 52%
28 Which country would African youth like to emigrate to within Africa? South Africa
29 What are the countries where African people would like to emigrate in order to gain skills? Europe and North America

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